Our vision

Our values

Faithful to the spirit of entrepreneurship that has driven Artémis since its inception, the company is able to combine the power of a large corporate group with the flexibility of a startup thanks to the quality of its people and a course of action underpinned by the three core values of imagination, daring and determination.  

These values are translated into our policy of continually reviewing the positions we acquire, our constant quest for excellence, and our desire to provide long-term shareholder support, regardless of circumstances.

These values mirror the personality of François Pinault and the evolution of the Group from a Breton timber merchant to a leading player operating across the broad spectrum of the luxury goods and services sector.

They are also the values that have allowed the Group to grow and diversify without ever compromising on its identity or agility. 

Investment strategy

Artémis invests in companies of all sizes regardless of market sector: what unites them is their strong growth potential and ability to lead the sectors in which they compete.

 Artémis supports entrepreneurs and teams that stand out for their ability to drive innovation, look confidently to the future and take decisive action quickly.

Artémis prefers to acquire a majority stake that gives it a decisive influence over company strategy, but does not rule out minority investments, particularly in the digital economy.

Shareholder support

As a long-term shareholder, Artémis creates the right conditions for the onward development of its investments and the sustainability of their business activities.

As an operational shareholder, Artémis provides its subsidiary companies with technical and strategic support, as well as access to its extensive business network in France and worldwide.

As a responsible shareholder, Artémis supports the sustainable development commitments of all its subsidiary companies.