Faithful to its twin culture of family ownership and entrepreneurship, Artémis has always sought to reconcile the short time frame dictated by financial imperatives with the long time frame required to implement growth strategies and build trust-based relationships with its many stakeholders. So the concept of corporate social responsibility has been integral to the Group's values and business practices for many years.  

The investment choices of Artémis always incorporate a detailed and demanding review of the non-financial performance achieved by target companies.

As a long-term shareholder, Artémis encourages its subsidiary companies to ensure that protecting the environment, employee career development and working to create a more inclusive society are integral to their development strategy.

Although each company is required to develop a CSR strategy appropriate to its own business and the challenges of its sector, Artémis has worked closely with its subsidiaries to define a set of common goals and targets, which are formally stated in a Charter of Fundamental CSR Principles and accompanied by regularly monitored performance indicators.