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Point de vue

  • 200 000 exemplaires hebdomadaires
  • Parmi les 3 titres français les plus lus à l’étranger

Point de Vue is a magazine created in 1945 by members of the Resistance, including Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet, the founder of Publicis. Specializing in news about royal families and exceptional people, it has a circulation of 200,000 copies per week, a quarter of which are distributed outside France.

More than 74 years after its creation, the vision that drives the magazine remains the same: to make the inaccessible accessible; to enable readers to discover a positive, inspiring world where art, culture, fashion, heritage and history are innovatively embodied; to profile personalities who stand out not because of their birth, but because of a life and a trajectory out of the ordinary.

With its circulation rising for the second year in a row, Point de Vue is one of the three French magazines most widely read abroad.