Other Investments

Michel et Augustin

Launched in 2004, Michel et Augustin is a young food company with a premium urban positioning, whose brand and values are fully embodied by founders Michel de Rovira and Augustin Paluel-Marmont.
Targeting a young, modern and urban clientele, marketing is built around innovative campaigns which add a new dimension of partnership and understanding to the customer’s relationship with the brand.

Artemis has been holding a controlling stake since 2011.Active in four product categories (desserts, snacks, sweet biscuits and savoury biscuits), the company has managed to spread its offer to over 1,150 sales points in France due to a unique, easily identifiable packaging. The brand works hard researching new products that will set it apart from the traditional market players thanks to a natural, authentic and delicious taste. The company’s aim is to become the premium French food brand in major French and international cities.

products sold in 2016