Believe, Dare, Act

Artémis was founded in 1992 by my father, François Pinault, as a light and agile investment open to a large range of business areas and geographic locations. This explains our Group’s diversity of assets. Under our stewardship, Christie’s, Le Point, Kering and Médoc wine all have in common the search for excellence and capacity to swiftly venture in uncharted territories.

In over 20 years, Artémis has built up a solid, well-balanced portfolio of assets anchored on recognised brands and market leaders.

The Artémis group does not only invest in promising sectors; Artémis defines itself as a “professional shareholder”, supporting all its investments at every stage in their development while providing its expertise to boost their growth.

Perfectly aligned with the group’s initial entrepreneurial spirit, Artémis combines long-term vision with quick action capacity. Our ambition is to stay one step ahead of future trends. To do so, Artémis relies on the quality of its staff, its subsidiaries’ potential and the strength of its enterprise values: imagination to create, boldness to dare and the will to thrive.

François-Henri PINAULT